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RADIONIC REMEDIES help reactivate the body’s innate intelligence to self-heal. Remedies contain energy patterns and frequencies, which are obtained through dowsing, a form of divination. 

When dowsing, Lynda works directly with St. Germaine and Lady Portia to determine which etheric imprints and patterns are needed to create each remedy.

Remedies used in radionic practice may include the energetic vibrations of herbs, homeopathic medicine, gem elixirs, color essences, vitamins and minerals, power words, tissue salts and flower essences.  

The frequencies that make up the remedy are then broadcast by a radionic machine into a bottle of filtered water with either apple cider vinegar or brandy.  Please let Lynda know which you'd prefer, vinegar or brandy, in the request information form below.

Once your order is submitted, your remedy will be prepared. Remedies can stay in the radionic field absorbing frequencies for as long as 65-95 hours.  So, please understand that this will affect your wait time.

If you live in or near Corpus Christi, TX, you may pick up your order.  If not, your order will be mailed.  

Each 2 ounce remedy is $30.00 if picked up locally.  There is an additional $5.00 charge if the remedy/remedies need to be mailed. 
FEEL SAFE REMEDY is a powerful combination of frequencies that can free you from the vibration of fear or insecurity. It includes the frequencies of 15 Power Words, 8 Crystals, 7 Flower Essences and 5 symbols. These frequencies are broadcast for 45.5 hours.  

This remedy can help you recognize and transform old unconscious patterns and inherited fears. You’ll start to see that events don’t trigger you like before, because you no longer have those frequencies inside you.

In the request information form 
to the left, please specify:

*Which remedy or remedies you want

*your mailing address, if it's being mailed

*whether you'd like your remedy in brandy or apple cider vinegar.  

Thank you!

ABUNDANCE REMEDY is designed to raise your vibration, so that you can attract and enjoy deeper physical, emotional and mental prosperity.  

The following etheric imprints and pattern are broadcast into the remedy for 75 hours: Faith, Higher Thought, Intuition, Peace, Thankful, Violet Flame, Transmutation and Spiritual Cleansing.  

ABUNDANCE REMEDY also contain the energetic imprint of Larimar. This crystal facilitates the clearing of deep patterns (anger, fear, stress, phobias, etc.) helps heal heart-ache, radiates the energy of love and clarity and facilitates inner wisdom and outer manifestation.

COURAGE REMEDY is designed to help you become more fearless, so that you can be and do more of what you came here for.

The following etheric imprints are broadcast into the remedy for 46 hours: Speak Your Mind, Fearless, Self-esteem, Courage, Higher Thought, Honesty, Self-expression and Forgiveness. The pattern, “stimulate” is also used.

COURAGE REMEDY also contains the energetic imprint of Moonstone, Sandstone, Sodalite and Turquoise. Each stone has healing properties that will contribute to you having the courage to live bigger!

IGNITE INTUITION contains the energetic imprint of 7 power words, 5 symbols, 5 flower essences, 9 gems, 2 botanicals and 2 colors to help you gain an increased sense of presence and guidance.  This remedy has had these frequencies broadcast in it for 75 hours.

When you are in that magic zone of flow, you: 
*Know things with a strong sense of certainty
*Are steered away from danger and from making mistakes 
*Are guided to new opportunities and increased well-being
*Are clear on what your “yes” feels like
*Discover and ignite you own innate abilities and spiritual gifts
*Experience a decrease in stress 
*Step more fully into your birthright as an intuitive being

IMMUNE BOOSTER contains the energetic imprint of love, rejuvenation, power, vitality, potential, strength, self-love, worthiness and overcome. 

It also contains the energetic imprint of the herb, Hwangchil. This herb is shown to help strengthen the immune system, eliminate toxins and revitalize the body’s basic capabilities.

These frequencies are broadcast for 40 hours.

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LIVE PURPOSE REMEDY is a powerful combination of frequencies that includes 9 Gem Elixirs, 2 Names of God, 5 Flower Essences, 12 Power Words and 2 Symbols. This remedy has had these potent frequencies broadcast into it for 57 hours.

LIVE PURPOSE REMEDY is designed to help:
*Boost courage & strength to stand up for yourself & do what you believe in
*Promote increased awareness & determination
*Achieve emotional stability
*Enhance time management skills to increase productivity
*Open you to new attitudes
*Dispel laziness & lethargy
*Give up constraints


SELF-EMPOWERMENT REMEDY is designed to help reveal the magnificent power that already lies within you! It is comprised of 13 gem elixirs, 2 botanical rates and the frequencies of 18 power words to help unleash your inner gifts and knowing! These etheric imprints are broadcast into the remedy for 92 hours.  

This SELF-EMPOWERMENT REMEDY is designed to help:
*stimulate originality & creativity
*clear emotional wounds from the past
*stimulate optimism, independence, diplomacy
*promote openness, honesty & self-control
*increase psychic & spiritual powers
*you discard outdated ways of thinking
*reduce fear of the unknown
Just to name a few!

SELF-LOVE REMEDY is designed to help increase your ability to:

*Acknowledge and embrace your own Divinity
*Own your own thoughts and opinions
*Embrace your flaws as well as your good
*Celebrate the things that make you unique and different
*Live your life on your terms  
*Make your dreams a priority  
*Surround yourself with people who support, motivate 
and uplift you 
*Honor your truth  
*Refuse to let others bring you down
*Be free from doubt and endless worry,
because you trust yourself

SELF-LOVE REMEDY is a powerful combination of frequencies that includes 12 Gem Elixirs, 6 Names of God, 12 Flower Essences, 8 Power Words and 4 Symbols. This remedy has had these frequencies broadcast into it for 57 hours.

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