Theta Healing and More
With Lynda Abbaraxus
Corpus Christi, TX 78411


    Offered Classes will provide rich experiences and tools designed to increase self-awareness, strengthen and expand your personal vibration, refine your sensitivity, promote wellness, deepen your intuitive skills and cultivate your ability to create more of what you want.

    Presented information and techniques, if used regularly, will help you open to higher and clearer levels of inspiration, guidance and healing.  Why invest time engaging in practices designed to elevate and strengthen your vibratory frequency? Because, when you do, you attract more fulfillment and abundance in all areas of your life! You'll find yourself creating "heaven here on earth" with more consistency, ease and grace.

    Offered topics will cover, but are not limited to, developing your intuition, releasing trapped emotions, communicating with angels, dowsing, muscle testing (applied kinesiology), meditation, manifestation techniques, etheric cord cutting, chakra balancing, toning, chanting, light language, affirmations, goal settings, etc.

    Bring an open mind and heart.  Come prepared to have fun, meet new people and step outside of your familiar zone.  You are more than just your physical body!  You are a multi-dimensional being!

    Class sizes are limited, so RSVP as soon as possible.  To do so, please go to and log into my "Corpus Christi Metaphysics Meetup" site.  You may RSVP there.  Thank you.  
Why Can't I Heal?
Do I Have a Guardian Angel?
Why Is Life Still
So Difficult?
What is the Law of Attraction?
Is the World Really Coming 
to an End?
How Do I Connect With My Higher Self?
Why Are Chakras Important?
Am I being punished?
Why Do I Still Hurt?
How Does Energy Healing Work?
Why Do I Keep Attracting the Same Kind of Man/Woman?
What is My Life's Purpose?
If the Universe is Limitless, Why Am I Always Broke?

What is Light Language?
Why Do I Always Feel So Drained, After Being With Him?
How Do I Change 
This Limiting Habit?
Why Can't I Stop Thinking About Her?