Theta Healing and More
With Lynda Abbaraxus
Corpus Christi, TX 78411

About Lynda
    I have worked as a healer for over twenty plus years. I started out as a massage therapist, who incorporated acupressure, electrical stimulation, physical therapy and Reiki into my sessions when needed. I probably would have continued working this way, if my partner of twenty years had not gotten hurt.

    His accident triggered within me an avalanche of negative emotions and thoughts. Fear became my adrenaline.  His accident wiped us out financially, since we didn't have medical insurance.  As the mountain of bills and demands on me as a care giver and primary wage earner grew, so did my stress and depression.  My physical health deteriorated, since my partner (also a healer) was no longer able to work on my body. Seeking treatment and relief for myself, just wasn't in the budget.

    For several months, despite my efforts,  I watched my best friend and the love of my life, deteriorate physically.  Emotionally, we were still putting forth our best efforts to reverse the circumstances that had been put into action, but we were losing ground. Then a new diagnosis of metastasized lung cancer was delivered.  Our battle fatigue, financial obligations and overwhelm grew.  Knowing that I couldn't afford funeral expenses and wanting to be prepared for the worst, I arranged to have his body donated to medical research.  Three months later, he died. 

    At the time of his death, the existing tools in my 'self help' box as a healer allowed me to survive, but certainly not thrive.  I knew I had to find and do something different if I were to move forward and be happy again.  Gratefully, I was guided to Theta Healing. With a Theta Healing practitioner, I was able to see which hidden subconscious beliefs were keeping me locked in depression and in self-sabotaging mode.  In just one session, I was amazed at how my energy and state of being shifted.  
    After a few more sessions, I became aware of how adversely my subconscious programming from past lives, childhood and other significant events had had such a major impact on my perception of self, others and life.  To be liberated from the negative effects of a painful childhood that was plagued with alcoholism, severe learning disabilities, sexual abuse and mental torture has been a gift.  I had been unaware of how entrenched I had been living someone else's truth.  I had lost sight of who I truly was and my health had suffered, because of it.

     I knew Theta Healing was my next step and that certification was a must.  Since then, I've acquired training in many other energy modalities.  Because of this, life just keeps getting better, as does my health and happiness.  I now experience increasing periods of bliss, a deeper connection to spirit and a liberation of ease I only dreamed of.  I see all of life's experiences as a catalyst to growing self-realization and empowerment. To journey on with this knowledge and to have these tools at my disposal is comforting and exciting.

    I am humbled and honored to share with others, what is working for me.
My back ground includes certification in Theta Healing, Arolo Tifar, Reiki, Access Consciousness Bars,  E.D.I.N.A., Past Life Regression, PSYCH-K, Japanese massage, Spiritual Surgery and the study and application of Meridian Tapping. The Emotion Cody, The Body Code  and the use of Egyptian Healing Rods.
"We can not solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them."

By Albert Einstein